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Is currently the most rapidly increasing food production system worldwide showing huge expansion in recent years, equivalent to growth of ten percent year. The challenge for aquaculture in the new millennium is to expand sustainable aquaculture to achieve enhanced food security and economic development for the world's people. Ittilink has experience in a large variety of aquaculture systems from mussle farm and the marine culture in open sea to the inland aquaculture . One area of particular expertise is in relation to sustainable development and improvement of aquaculture facilities which is becoming increasingly significant in today’s market with buyers often requiring proof of the facilities ‘sustainable credentials’.

The areas in which we have considerable experience and can provide a valuable service to new clients include the following:

Aquaculture Investment Advisory Services

Aquaculture Site Search, Site Selection & Site Analysis

Water & Soil Quality Analysis

Feasibility Studies

Business Plan Development

Farm Design & Construction

Environmental Impact Statements

Project Management

Contract Farm Management

Operations Manuals & Training

Processing Plant Design & Operations

Feed Plant Design & Feed Formulation

Market Research & Marketing Plans

Marketing of Farm-raised Seafood Product