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Mussel Farm

We deliver value-added services to the aquaculture and fisheries sectors. We are applying our aquaculture modelling services to some of the cutting edge aquaculture and fisheries issues. The aquaculture industry needs to grow in a sustainable manner to safeguard our future. We are passionate about this and our services help stakeholders protect aquatic habitats, determine carrying capacity outputs for sustainable production and increase profitability

We provide consultancy for finfish aquaculture integrated to shelfish farm:
Bivalve shellfish oysters, clams and mussels feed on algae and other microscopic food found in coastal bays and estuaries. The food eaten by shellfish contains nutrients that are available in the food, including nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon. When bivalves feed on these particles, they use these nutrients to grow, filtering and cleaning coastal waters, benefitting underwater plants and other marine life. The bivave tissue and shells contain nitrogen from the filtering of nutrients for growth. When bivalves are harvested, this nitrogen is removed from the water column, reducing the nutrients from aquaculture plant.