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Principal objectives
The overall goal of the Ittilink development cooperation is to achieve maximum and sustainable benefits from marine resources in cooperating countries through an efficient, research-based system for fisheries, aquaculture and ocean management, operated by national or regional institutions with relevant competence and capacity.

Ittilnk particularly focuses on:
- Fisheries management.
- Research and management in aquaculture
- Management issues related to the biological diversity of marine ecosystems
- Research on and monitoring of fish resources and the marine/aquatic environment
- Institutional development in research and management with emphasis on the role and function of government institutions.
- Food security and poverty alleviation in relation to the fisheries sector
- Coastal zone issues
- Quality control of fisheries products
- Fish waste valorization

Current co-operation

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Fish waste valorization in Senegal:

In partnership with Nutrimer Senegal, Ittilink is currently involved in a fish meal sustenible production valorizzation and internationalization brand project


- BIO-PROTEINS Farine du Poissons

- BIOS Engrais Organique